To commence, let’s download the official Siacoin wallet, where wij’ll keep your coins safe on your rekentuig.

Sia is a decentralized cloud storage podium that uses a blockchain to facilitate payments.

Sia uses Siacoin, to enable decentralized payments across the network.

This guide is not, and should not be regarded spil ‘investment advice’ or spil a ‘recommendation’ regarding a course of act.

Note: Photos can be clicked to see a larger version. If you’re confused by any terms used, a glossary can be found here.

To begin, let’s download the official Siacoin wallet, where wij’ll keep your coins safe on your rekentuig. Merienda installed, the wallet takes a few hours to synchronise with the Sia network, so best to commence now.

Open the downloaded .zip verkeersopstopping and samenvatting the files to a fresh folder. Rename the folder ‘Sia’ and place it somewhere on your laptop where it won’t get accidentally deleted.

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Ter the folder, dual click the opstopping named ‘Sia-UI.exe’ – a security warning may speelgoedpop up- click run.

The Sia user interface will now be open. Your firewall may kwestie a warning- press the button ‘permit access’ to permit Sia to connect to the internet.

Now it’s time to create a Siacoin wallet. Click the ‘wallet’ option on the left sidebar. Click ‘create a fresh wallet’.

You will now see your wallet ‘seed’ and ‘password’. If you chose not to input your own password, thesis will be identical. It is very significant to back up thesis lumps of information somewhere safe and private. They are the key to your wallet. If anyone gets ahold of this information, they can access your wallet too.

Now it’s time to test that you have your password written down correctly. Type your password into the prompt and press ‘unlock’.

Your wallet is now open and ready to receive Siacoin. Notice the ‘synchronizing’ status caf te the top right corner- leave Sia running until this reaches 100% or the wallet won’t register any of the Siacoin’s wij’re about to buy and send to it.

Copy all the files inwards that folder and back them up on a USB stick or outward hard drive, and keep that somewhere safe. Thesis wallet files aren’t stringently necessary te recovering your Siacoin wallet, but they are another layer of security.

Even tho’ your wallet hasn’t finished syncing with the Sia network you can still securely receive coins to it.

Now wij’ll purchase the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, so that wij can exchange it for Siacoin (if you already own Ethereum you can skip ahead).

Choose which Ethereum exchange you’d like to use (by clicking on the logo), and the guide will proceed:

  • Operates te 32 countries.
  • Accepts debit & credit cards and handelsbank transfers.
  • Can have low buy boundaries at very first, increases with use.
  • ID verification required.
  • Worldwide coverage, 99% of countries.
  • Accepts debit/credit cards and handelsbank transfers.
  • High initial buy boundaries compared to other exchanges.
  • ID verification required.
  • 180+ countries supported.
  • Accepts debit & credit cards.

If you use this listig to sign up to Coinbase wij’ll both receive ten dollars of free coins when you spend overheen $100 (or the omschrijving te your currency).

Press the ‘sign up’ button and pack out your name (make sure this is exactly how it’s written on your photo ID), email, password and location.

Just like a US bankgebouw, Coinbase is regulated by the US government, and has to go after stringent financial rules. So they take verifying your identity very earnestly. It’s a agony, but it does give Coinbase a reputation for being the most trusted way to convert fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

To verify your account you voorwaarde supply a phone number, upload an picture of your photo ID and verify a credit/debit card or canap account before you can buy.

Note: If you have problems verifiying your ID using your pc, attempt downloading the Coinbase app (on Iphone or Android), signing into your Coinbase account and verifying your ID using your phone camera.

Using a credit/debit card on Coinbase means higher fees but offers instant purchasing. Using a canap transfer is cheaper but slower (taking up to a week to get your coins).

Merienda your payment details are verified, click ‘buy/sell’ on the top menukaart.

Select ‘Ethereum’, and at the bottom of the pagina choose how much to spend te your lugar currency / how many coins you want to buy.

Merienda you’re glad with the amount, click the big ‘Buy’ button.

You’ll be asked to confirm your purchase.

Press the ‘Confirm Buy’ button.

Congratulations! You now own some Ethereum. But don’t close Coinbase yet, wij’re going to need it again ter a few minutes.

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Click here to go to Coinmama.

Ter the sign up form, inject your email address and very first and last name (make sure thesis are exactly the same spil on your photo ID).

Come in a strong password (that you won’t leave behind!).

Select your country, tick the opbergruimte to demonstrate you understand their terms and conditions and press ‘Register’.

You will be sent an email to confirm your email address.

Go find that email and click the verbinding te it.

You will be informed that your email is now confirmed. Press ‘Proceed’.

You will be prompted to loom te. Inject your email and password and press ‘Login’.

You won’t be able to buy any Ethereum until you verify your account.

Ter the left-hand spijskaart, click ‘Verify your account’.

You will be asked to pack ter your individual details. Merienda you have, press ‘Next’.

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Here you need to upload some pictures of your ID.

You’re also asked to take a selfie of yourself holding your ID, spil well spil writing ‘Coinmama’ on a lump of paper with today’s date.

Make sure none of thesis pictures are blurry, or they will be rejected.

Merienda you’ve uploaded the files you’ll be informed your documents are under review- unluckily you’ll have to wait until you’re verified to proceed your purchase.


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  2. Spil long spil you’ve never collective your address, you should be good. It’s fine if they know you’re dealing with the currency, but if they didn’t have access to it before, they shouldn’t now.

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