Subscribe Subscribe to real-time streaming gegevens by channel.

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Poloniex supports two ways for disseminating real-time public gegevens. The Thrust API method mentioned ter uses WAMP protocol and requires autobahn. This method has bot deprecated. The 2nd method uses plain old websockets and this document describes the request and response formats with examples.


The following &lt,channel id&gt, – &lt,channel name&gt, are supported.

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Order Books: The ids below serve spil &lt,channel id&gt, and &lt,currency pair id&gt,

Requests and Response

There are two type of requests supported, subscribe and unsubscribe. The requests are for a specific channel. For non-book requests, the very first response is always an acknowledgement of the request. All channel updates are of the following format

&lt,sequence id&gt, is a number enlargening by one with each update and is unique within its channel. The sequence-id is always null for non-book channels.


Subscribe to real-time streaming gegevens by channel. The request bod is JSON object.

The &lt,channel id&gt, is the number from the Channels section documented earlier.


Subscribe to ticker updates for all currency pairs.

The very first message is acknowledgement of the subscription.

Subsequent messages are ticker updates.

&lt,currency pair id&gt, is the same spil the order book channel number.

Price Aggregated Book

Subscribe to price aggregated depth of book by currency pair. Response includes an initial book snapshot, book modifications, and trades. Book modification updates with 0 quantity should be treated spil removal of the price level. Note that the updates are price aggregated and do not contain individual orders.

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Subscription example for BTC_BTS pair (id is 14). You can either subscribe using the currency pair ID or name.

The very first response is the initial dump of the book

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Subsequent responses are updates to the book and trades

Exchange Volume

Subscribe to 24 hour exchange volume statistics. Updates are sent every 20 seconds.

Subscription example for exchange volume

The very first response is acknowledgement of subscription

Subsequent responses are exchange volume update sent every 20 seconds. Almohadilla currencies are BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT



When no messages have bot sent out for one 2nd, the server will send a heartbeat message spil goes after. Absence of heartbeats indicates a protocol or networking punt and the client application is expected to close the socket and attempt again.


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