Coinone temporarily suspends XRP deposits spil strong request causes overcharge

Last week wij had the news about the early launch of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinone listing Ripple Three days before their originally announced date of May 15th. This wasgoed fairly a verrassing for everyone and the reason for the May 12th early launch signified the wedren to be very first ter Korea to list XRP.

Fellow domestic exchange Bithumb, a competitor of Coinone, followed the flamante announcement by announcing the same date of the 15th of May to launch their XRP setup. Perhaps Coinone wasgoed not ready for the influx and could have used the reserve Trio days, spil wij learned today at 16:15 May 16th Korea Time there wasgoed a notification of a delay ter all Ripple (XRP) processing on Coinone.

The overcharge of the Ripple deposit wallets wasgoed caused by the enlargened amount of overall Coinone accounts of Ripple attempting to be deposited. This has inescapably suspended the Ripple (XRP) deposit service due to the extended time to recover.

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It is also significant to note that the official XRP charts were also slightly delayed due to the Ripple webpagina being unstable, which are used spil a reference point ter non-payment details.

The Coinone team has reassured the users that merienda the synchronization of the wallet block comebacks back to natural and blockchain checks can be done spil usual they will then check the payment ter sequence and process it.

Users will be informed te due course about the schedule and when payment will be resumed.

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Users were advised to send an email to if they have any outstanding matters and the Coinone team will do the processing spil soon spil possible. The Coinone team will react through the automatic payment confirmation spil soon spil the payment matters will be resolved.

They apologized for this situation and the inconvenience caused and assured to do best to provide a more stable service ter the future.

UPDATE: Coinone informed early morning on Wednesday, May 17th that service has returned to corriente.

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