Reasons for Which ICON (ICX)’s Current Price is Irrelevant spil the Coin Boasts Enormous Potential, Oracle Times

ICX wasgoed predicted to have a superb , and so far there haven’t bot any massive results price-wise. The coin wasgoed a part of the bearish trend that flooded the entire crypto market, and it fell to $1.65. The latest period of market stability permitted the coin to steadily climb back to $Two.80.

Main reasons to buy ICON

For starters, ICON has bot a long-time fucking partner of AION and Wanchain te their quest of creating an interoperability alliance that would enable cross-platform cooperation inbetween the projects. ICX will connect thesis two coins developing an ecosystem of interoperability that can be also used te other projects spil well. this will lead to adoption, enhanced request and eventually a higher price.

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Another reason for which ICOn is worthy of our attention involves its significant partnerships with massive names. For example, Samsung is about to join the blockchain revolution, and it will get help from ICON to do so. The two companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding, and this makes sure that Samsung will use the ICON technology for their blockchain ventures.

More titillating partnerships include massive names such spil Hyundai, Pantera Haber, Coinone, Line (Japanese social network).

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Most vrouwen are interested ter ICON’s Chain ID technology

The Chain ID technology is an identification service that’s based on the blockchain technology. This can be used te lots of ventures and companies including hospitals, government agencies, financial organizations and more. For example, Korea Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium noticed this technology and it plans to implement it to permit customers to use a single ID across 25 banks and securities that are under KFIBC’s umbrella.

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A fresh partnership has bot announced

ICON will also team up with Trive Singapore-based VC and this is set to leverage ICON’s expertise with the company’s regional reach te Southeast Asia to develop ICON-based blockchain courses for educational purposes.

“The partnership with TRIVE will permit ICON to not only educate the public on blockchain technology but also expand ICON’s ecosystem and community. Singapore and Vietnam are at the center of blockchain innovation ter Southeast Asia, and wij are excited to work with TRIVE to further realize the utter potential of blockchain ter this region,” Foundation Council Member of Icon, JH Kim said.

ICON’s partnership with the government of South Korea might turn out its most significant asset, and more government organizations are considering using ICON’s technology sometime te the future. This could lead to a more dispuesto treatment for ICON from the government agencies which are known for having stringent rules.


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