Farewell GDAX, Hello Coinbase Voor, Bitcoin Insider

It has bot coming for some time now, but GDAX is ultimately rebranding to Coinbase Voor. Albeit the functionality will remain largely the same, this fresh toneelpodium will potentially attract more users. It is an significant development for Coinbase spil a company. So far, some users are reporting major webpagina issues, which doesn’t koerier well.

The Era of Coinbase Voor Starts

When Coinbase very first announced its 2nd trading podium years ago, people were intrigued by how the company continued to evolve. The launch of GDAX wasgoed well-received by the cryptocurrency community. It also permitted institutional traders and big players to buy and sell their beloved cryptocurrencies without crashing the Coinbase market te the process.

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A few months ago, Coinbase announced a big forthcoming switch: GDAX would cease to exist and be rebranded spil Coinbase Voor. The fresh toneelpodium wasgoed built on top of GDAX’s trading engine, but it is tailored more toward active traders rather than regular consumers. The name switch confirms that Coinbase wants to target both regular buyers and institutional investors and traders alike.

Tapping into both markets at the same time emerges to be a clever idea. There is a lotsbestemming of rente ter cryptocurrency, either for speculative purposes or simply to drive prices down. Coinbase Professional users will be able to trade various digital assets on an insurance-backed podium. Additionally, the Coinbase Professional toneelpodium uses 0% maker fees and volume-based discounts on taker fees, which is very different from how the main Coinbase toneelpodium operates.

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It is also worth noting that all existing Coinbase users can “upgrade” to a Professional account. The big question is whether or not a loterijlot of users will be inclined to do so. That will mainly depend upon which digital assets can be traded on the Voor verhoging. At the time of writing, that list wasgoed comprised of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Metselspecie. All of thesis currencies can be traded against the US Dollar and euro, with Bitcoin also having a GBP pair at this time.

For users of GDAX.com, virtually nothing has switched. Their GDAX accounts have bot converted overheen to the fresh verhoging, including their individual trading histories. Moreover, the API used for GDAX will proceed to function until December 31. Coinbase Professional uses the same API monster with a slightly different address.

All of this goes to demonstrate that the cryptocurrency industry is still evolving. While the launch of Coinbase Professional may not be a big overeenkomst to some, it is overduidelijk that there is a difference inbetween novice cryptocurrency users and pro traders. Having separate platforms for thesis two groups is an interesting decision, spil not everyone needs advanced features to buy or sell digital assets.

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