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BitFlyer is one of the most popular cyptocurrency exchanges ter the Far East. It is also among the world leaders, te terms of volume.

The company, security of funds

BitFlyer is based te Japan. The almacén regulators have made some switches ter the way they treat cryptocurrencies te the past. Presently, they are treated spil assets, upon which caudal gains (profiting from the price movement) is taxed. BitFlyer wasgoed one of the very first companies to received the JFSA (Japanese Financial Services Agency) license, along with the major competitors from QUOINEX.

Update: BitFlyer also received has the regulatory approval of the Fresh York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) ter November . The company is set to begin suggesting Bitcoin trading vs the USD, while adding altcoins te the future. Wij will update this review, when the service is fully implemented.

The company has bot around since 2014 and has not had any hacking issues yet. The most significant thing to note, from a película del Oeste trader&rsquo,s point of view is that trading is done (mostly) against the Japanese YEN (JPY), unlike most exchanges where you can trade cryptocurrencies against one another, the US Dollar and periodically the Euro. You may need an account with a forex broker, such spil FXTM, just to hedge your currency risk.

The user reviews on BitFlyer (written te English) are mostly positive. This is a good sign, spil the company maintains multilingual support.

Trading conditions

Trading instruments (cryptocurrencies)

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Spil mentioned above trading at BitFlyer is done against the Japanese Yen. This applies for the plethora of Bitcoin instruments, which include Spot BTC trading, Margin BTC trading, and BTC Futures (not to be confused with Bitcoin Metselspecie Futures). Furthermore Etereum is available for trading, against Bitcoin.

Ondergrens initial deposit

BitFlyer does not give any guidelines about a ondergrens deposit level. Forex brokers, on the other palm usually announce their ondergrens entry barriers. For example, you can open an account with XM, with only $Five.

BitFlyer offers a maximum leverage ratio of 1:15. However, te order to be permitted to trade on margin, one voorwaarde go through a tougher verification process. This type of ratio may sound very puny to someone who is used to forex trading, spil lots of brokers provide 1:500 or even higher levels.

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Do keep te mind cryptocurrencies often stir far more insanely than fiat currencies. While a major pair will rarel budge more than 1.Five &ndash, 2% procent vanaf day, the Bitcoin often has gains or losses exceeding 10%. This explains the lower leverage suggesting by BitFlyer, which by the way is one of the highest offers provided by crypto-exchanges. For a total comparison of trading Bitcoin with a forex broker and on an exchange click here.

Fees at BitFlyer vary slightly for the different services, which they provide. They opoffering directly exchanging JPY to BTC, the fees for which go spil high spil 0.15% for the lowest volume traders. Spil a comparisson, Bitfinex charges this type of toverfee only for the market &quot,makers&quot,, while takers pay a slightly higher one. The maximum toverfee for ETH/BTC is 0.20%. Here is the total information, spil provided by the company (click to zoom-in):

Lightning FX stands for the margin trading of BTC/JPY. Futures on the other arm are similar to exchange traded futures. However the liquidity ter them emerges to be far lower, which is to be expected. Wij would not recommend them to inexperienced traders.

Trading podium

BitFlyer provides two trading platforms. They are both web based, which is not unusual for cryptocurrency exchanges. One of them is the so called Bitcoin Effortless Exchange, which serves, to facilitate ongezouten JPY to BTC transfers. It is what people, who want to get their funds converted to Bitcoin, before transferring them would use. Albeit elementary, it does the job. Here is a preview (click to zoom-in):

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The company also offers the BitFlyer Lightning verhoging. It feels much more like a forex trading toneelpodium, spil it is designed with the trader ter mind. This is the podium where the 1:15 leverage ratio is provided. Here is what podium looks like (click to zoom-in):

There is a chart on the left, with lots pre-loaded indicators. The order book looks pretty solid (te the middle) and the gauze is locate on the right. Several more fields are located below thesis, similarly to the MetaTrader Four (MT4) terminal. Charting shows up to be ge, with several technical indicators te place. Furthermore the charts can be set to full-screen mode.

There are numerous themes available, if you do not like the black and orange feel. One thing wij voorwaarde mention are the maddening sounds, which are turned on by default. Every time a transaction is made, more importantly, every time there is a movement of a bid/ask te the order book, play a sound. Fortunately, thesis can be turned off quiebro lightly.

Methods of payment

BitFlyer accepts Handelsbank Transfers, Credit Cards issued ter Japan and Bitcoin transfers. Albeit the company has a clear concentrate on its internal market, a foreigner can still use their services, albeit not with his credit card. Users of online payment systems, such spil Skrill are also left out.


BitFlyer is the number one cryptocurrency exchange ter Japan. It also rates pretty very among the integral volume charts. The most specific thing is that trading is done against the Japanese Yen (JPY). There are numerous platforms and services available, including margin trading. Despite being focused on its domestic market, the company shows up to be reaching out to the surplus of the world and with commission levels so low, customers will come. Here is a summary BitFlyer&rsquo,s pros and cons:


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