Why Litecoin (LTC) Could Reach 1, 000 USD Quicker Than You Think, Oracle Times

Litecoin (LTC)–Litecoin is one of the oldest and most stable coins on the crypto market. Very first released spil an open-source fork of Bitcoin by Charlie Lee te October 2011, Litecoin has since bot seen spil the “silver” to Bitcoin’s gold. However, the currency offers significant benefits overheen Bitcoin, having studied the shortcomings of its predecessor to craft a more transaction-friendly currency that still offers utility spil a decentralized store of value.

While Litecoin has yet to trade above 100 USD for an extended period of time, the excitement around the coin ter terms of usability and gezaghebbend market cap gives Litecoin vivo potential to reach four-figure value te the near future.

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Feasibility spil a Payment System

Bitcoin is an excellent long-term store of value. Like gold and other appreciable assets, Bitcoin is an investment that, at least presently, offers a high rate of come back. Ter place of banks, Bitcoin offers users a decentralized, digital vault that can also be used for money transfer. But the technology is not there yet for frequent, rapid and cheap transactions. That may switch with the onset of lightning network, but for now, Bitcoin’s transaction feasibility is being outclassed by other coins. Litecoin offers a shorter time for processing each block (Two.Five minutes vs Ten minutes) and lower transaction fees (even accounting for BTC’s higher request te the mempool). For businesses looking to find a way to incorporate cryptocurrency into their payment prototype, Litecoin provides an attractive alternative that has spil much long-term potential spil Bitcoin.

It’s almost a given at this point that Amazon and other large warehouse companies will begin accepting cryptocurrency. Amazingly, Overstock has bot accepting BTC since 2014 and making large gains spil the price surges (they also embarked accepting Litecoin ter August through Shapeshift). While Bitcoin is the demonstrable choice for thesis payments, given the market share and media coverage, altcoins aimed at improving the feasibility of online transactions will also garner strong rente. Litecoin is te prime position to become a currency of choice for big and puny retailers alike. Quick transaction speed will be a priority spil crypto is more widely accepted ter the sphere of commerce. Imagine a puny online business with products designed to be instantaneously downloaded or shipped. It hurts their capability to conduct business if the customer is compelled to wait several hours for the payment to be confirmed. It also switches their pricing structure if transaction fees proceed to be high. A $Ten e-book that costs the consumer $1.50 te fees is no longer an attractive proposition.

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Litecoin’s Price is Undervalued

Litecoin is presently trading at around 100 USD, less than one-hundredth the price of a single Bitcoin. While Litecoin does have a higher max supply (designed to be four times the amount of total Bitcoin), the price of LTC has yet to reach a sensible proportion to that of BTC. No one is expecting Litecoin to be one-to-one with Bitcoin te terms of per-coin value, particularly considering Bitcoin’s &gt,50% market share, but it’s also hard to imagine Litecoin spil 1/100th the value of its predecessor. Spil others have pointed out, Litecoin is severely undervalued.

Part of this can be attributed to the behavior of the founder, Charlie Lee. While Lee is a staunch supporter of his coin, he has yet to shove an aggressive mindset to make Litecoin a meteen competitor of Bitcoin. Instead, he sees LTC spil a complement to the Bitcoin project, going so far spil to verbalize the silver-gold connection. That could all switch spil the cryptomarketplace heats up with large investment money. Spil Motley Loser pointed out earlier ter the week, Litecoin is the thickest competitor to Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH) may hold a higher market cap, but seeks to differentiate itself spil an application for technological development. Litecoin works almost the same spil Bitcoin, only more efficient te terms of speed and cost. None of which points towards Litecoin deserving such a low, relative price-per-coin other than a lack of marketing and investor-awareness. Spil cryptocurrency comes to the forefront of investment platforms, Litecoin is going to be exposed spil massively undervalued for its long-term use. That’s when prices will truly start to skyrocket.

Brief Term Build up, Long Term Value

There’s a loterijlot of excitement surrounding Bitcoin and the crypto market for the massive gains to be made. While Litecoin offers value spil a short-term investment, particularly spil the market realizes it’s undervalued, the long-term potential is even more compelling. Bitcoin, and most crytpocurrencies, began spil a project to give the promedio person a decentralized source of money that wasgoed suitable for the digital age. For that aim to become a reality, crypto enthusiasts and investors will have to begin looking to the feasibility of the technology. Litecoin offers both individuals and big businesses a cheap and prompt method for exchanging money. Spil cryptocurrency adoption reaches market saturation and appreciation against national fiat slows down, thesis are the factors that will be very valued te a commerce-based society. Bitcoin may be the better option for long term storage of value, but Litecoin has a efectivo chance to become the superior payment currency of the digital age.

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Disclaimer: This article does not constitute investment advice. All investments made te cryptocurrency should be considered inherently risky to the investor. The author does invest ter and have holdings te the mentioned cryptocurrencies.


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