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I’ve (along with everyone else recently) bot fascinated with cryptocurrency recently, and have bot learning more and more about it. One of the most interesting things to mij is the act of mining the coins. I’ve played with mining te the past, but with all the fresh popularity, mining the well-known coins is basically unlikely for the promedio person. There are many altcoins out there – almost too many to choose from. I’ve bot doing some reading lately, and Vertcoin caught my eye. I recently spent some time setting up my own almacén P2Pool for Vertcoin, and pointing a miner at that tópico pool. This is meant to be a guide for:

  1. installing a wallet
  2. creating your own P2Pool server
  3. kicking off to mine using your pool

Everything te this guide is specific to Windows Ten, but it should be similar for other platforms. I’m using CCMiner since I have Nvidia graphics cards.

Benefits of running your own P2Pool

There are many public Vertcoin pools out there for someone to use. The simplest mining setup would use a public pool, like Vertcoin Effortless Mine. There are, however, some trascendental benefits to running your own:

  • lower latency – since you’re on the same network (or even rekentuig) spil the pool, latency will go down, which means fewer dead on arrivals
  • 0% fees – some (most) public pools charge a toverfee to use. A recinto pool will be free
  • zero downtime – since you control the pool, you can keep it running spil long spil you like
  • contribute to decentralization – Vertcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) need to be decentralized to get through

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Now that’s done, we’re ready for the very first step.

The Vertcoin wallet is what holds all your coins, so make sure to password protect/encrypt/back it up. I won’t go te to detail about that here – there are other guides on it.

Installing Vertcoin wallet

Before you can embark mining or begin your own pool, you need to install the Vertcoin wallet. You can find the wallet on the Vertcoin github releases pagina. Make sure you pick the zindelijk OS. I set up my pool on a Windows machine, so I chose . Merienda it’s downloaded:

  • unzip the verkeersopstopping
  • open the vertcoin-qt.exe
  • it should ask for you an install location, it’s ok to keep this all default
  • it should embark syncing the blockchain (this will take approximately forever)

Merienda the syncing is done, you should see a clean wallet like so:

Create a receive address

Te order to receive the coins you mine, you’ll need to create a receive address. Te the wallet, click the “receive” tabulator. You should see a form like:

You don’t have to pack any of thesis out, but I use one address for mining – that way I know where the transactions come from. I used thesis values:

Then click the receive payment button – a opbergruimte should emerge with a QR code and address. Go ahead and close this for now – the information will be available zometeen by navigating back to the receive tabulator.

Configure the miner rpc connections

Next, wij need to configure our wallet to listen for específico rpc connections from a pool. The pool uses to wallet to communicate with the blockchain, so both vereiste be running at the same time. Te the wallet:

This configuration opstopping should open ter something like Notepad, and it should be wit. Add the following text:

Save the verkeersopstopping, and restart the Vertcoin wallet. We’re now ready to install P2Pool.

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The P2Pool binaries are located te the Github Releases section merienda again. Download the latest release (te my case it wasgoed v0.1.1 ). You will need to unzip the verkeersopstopping merienda it’s downloaded. Inwards the unzipped folder, you should see a Windows batch verkeersopstopping titled something like Embark P2Pool Network Two . You can either choose to edit this opstopping, or create another batch verkeersopstopping inwards this folder to embark the pool. Ter the opstopping, add this:

More options are documented here if you need to tweak it even more.

$wallet_address will be the address you received earlier, when clicking “receive” ter the wallet. -w $local_ip:port isn’t rigorously needed – but I dreamed to make sure it commenced up on the right IP address and used a port that I wished (I used 9999 te my case to recall lightly.) Save and close the verkeersopstopping.

Now, run the batch opstopping. You should see the pool commence up with messages similar to:

Merienda the pool starts, you will also see message about the total hashing rate:

This means your pool is working! We’re now ready to connect CCMiner and embark mining.

CCMiner is a utility for mining on Nvidia graphics cards. If you don’t have Nvidia, you may need to use something else, like the Vertcoin one-click miner.

Installing CCMiner is spil effortless spil navigtaing to the Github Release pagina again. Find the release for your OS, for mij it’s ccminer-x86-2.Two.3-cuda9.7z . Go ahead and download this verkeersopstopping, and unzip it. You may need to install 7zip to unzip if you don’t already have it. Inwards the CCMiner folder will be a Windows batch verkeersopstopping titled something like RUN-CREA – you can either edit this opstopping or create a fresh batch verkeersopstopping to run. Inwards the verkeersopstopping, add:

The $local_ip will be the IP of your pool. Ter my case it’s a 192.168 address because that’s what I told it to truss on. If you’re mining on the same pc spil the wallet, you can very likely use . The port is the same – use the port you told the pool to use. Make sure you set you wallet address so you can get paid, and set -p to any random identifier.

Now your miner should commence! You should see accepted shares if everything is working decently:

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Hopefully this wasgoed helpful! I’m just getting began so if anyone has any tips/tricks let mij know!


  1. if i were te that situation, i would not disclose the information of my vapid wallet te bitcoin. i will disclose only my other assets not my bitcoin, and never, unless maybe if my spouse has also a bitcoin hahahah

  2. If it is known that you have bitcoin and it is raised then would need to share it, if she doesn’t know then why should you.

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