Guide to setting up a Vertcoin p2pool knot on Windows using the One Click Miner

This is a brief guide for setting up your own knot for Vertcoin p2pool mining. on your huis PC with a regular broadband router. If you are mining yourself it helps with rejection rates and also helps decentralize the network.

Very first step, download the core wallet from the above verbinding, install and let it sync. This will take a while if it is the very first time installing.

Under Settings &gt, Options, make sure you permit incoming connections and UPnP (automatically forward the ports needed on your router)

Very first off, check the settings:

Choose which network you want to run on, network 1 for greater than 100Mh/s and network Two for under and waterput te the wallet address you want to use for the toverfee.

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Under the caudillo settings:

Tick Use UPnP and if you want to see what is going on under the spandex hood, tick the Voorstelling CLI option. This will bring up a duo of windows that voorstelling the guideline line for both mining and the knot.

Now tick the opbergruimte ter the top right, run almacén knot:

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Stealing this bit from the official github:

If you haven’t run a lugar knot before or if there is an update available, you will see a pop-up message prompting a download. Click ‘OK’ to download and install P2Pool. You will also be prompted to add a wallet address and password to your almacén knot address so the OCM can add your fresh knot to the pool list.

If you selected an alternate location for the Vertcoin Gegevens Directory when installing the Vertcoin Core Wallet, you will be prompted by the OCM to select the directory you chose. This is the directory that stores the Vertcoin blockchain for P2Pool to reference for mining. Click ‘OK’ to browse and select the directory.

Merienda you’ve clicked the ‘Run P2Pool Node’ checkbox and have ended the other steps, you will see the P2Pool status text switch to “Loading” and then “Running: Network X”.

That’s it, you should now see a window that updates with the latest informatie from the pool if you ticked the Demonstrate CLI option, merienda it has loaded all the shares it will look like this:

Ter One Click Miner you should now have an entry that reads:

Tick the opbergruimte next to it and then begin the miner, congrats you are now mining to your own knot!

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If you click on the entry above it should take you to the stats pagina for your knot that looks like this:

If you want other people to see this pagina, you will also need to forward the ports on your router, 9171 for network 1, 9181 for network Two.


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