1948 – George VI English Shilling

1948 George VI English Shilling

Ter the United Kingdom, the shilling wasgoed a coin used from the reign of Henry VII until decimalisation te 1971. Before decimalisation there were twenty shillings to the pound and twelve pence to the shilling, and thus 240 pence to the pound.

At decimalisation the shilling wasgoed superseded by the fracción five pence lump, which originally wasgoed of identical size and weight and had the same value.

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The word shilling comes from schilling, an accounting term that dates back to Anglo-Saxon times where it wasgoed deemed to be the value of a cow te Wetenschap or a sheep elsewhere.

After the Excellent Recoinage of England’s money ter 1816 the shilling wasgoed standardized with a weight of Five.7 grams and a middellijn of 24 mm. Te 1920, along with other national coins, the silver content wasgoed diminished from 92.5% (sterling) to 50%, and te 1947 to zuivere cupro-nickel.

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The shilling coin issued te most of the 20th century wasgoed virtually identical te size and weight to the German 1 Deutsche Mark coin (reasonably similar to be interchangeable ter coin-operated machines). This reflected the pre-First World War exchange rate of 20 marks to one pound, by the end of the shilling’s circulation, the mark wasgoed worth six times spil much.

During the reign of Elizabeth II, shillings were minted featuring both the English three lions (technically three leopards couchants) glaze of arms, and the Scottish lion rampant glaze of arms (see illustration above).

Before decimalisation, there were twenty shillings to the pound and twelve pence to the shilling, and thus 240 pence to the pound. Two coins denominated ter numerous shillings were also te circulation at this time. They were the florin (two shillings), which adopted the value of ten fresh pence (10p) ter 1971, and the crown (five shillings), the highest denominated non-bullion UK coin te circulation at decimalisation.

The last shillings issued for circulation were dated 1967, albeit proofs were issued spil part of a collectors’ set dated 1970. Ter 1968, the fresh quebrado five pence coin (primarily called “five fresh pence”), with the same weight and specifications, embarked to substitute the shilling and inherited the shilling’s waterslang name of a bob. Shillings and florins remained ter circulation alongside the 5p and 10p coins until 1990, when smaller 5p and 10p coins were introduced.

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