Korean Bitcoin Exchange Leads FinTech Consortium with Playmate Banks for Blockchain Development

South Korean bitcoin exchange Coinone is leading a FinTech consortium with five financial institutions toward the development of blockchain solutions.

Announced this week, Coinone has roped ter a handful of financial institutions to jointly develop financial services solutions using blockchain technology.

The consortium’s launch sees five members including Woori Handelsbank, a nationwide banking institution, Shinhan Card, one of Korea’s largest credit card operators, Lotte Card, a finance company that also offers credit card services, Daishin Securities, an investment and securities banking company and, KICC, a vooraanstaand payment solutions provider ter Korea.

The consortium has bot promoting blockchain-based financial services ter a switching industry that is increasingly reliant on digital commerce via internet-based services.

The announcement lays out a list of priorities for the Coinone-led FinTech consortium.

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  • The development and deployment of FinTech using blockchain.
  • The establishment of fresh FinTech services for every consortium member te their own platforms.
  • The coordination of communication with institutional and supervisory authorities.

Te toughly translated statements, Kang Myung-hoon, CEO of bitcoin exchange Coinone stated:

Through the establishment of this financial consortium, wij have taken a very first step toward providing more strategic and systematic FinTech services. Spil a consortium of leading companies from each sector, it [FinTech solutions] are expected to be developed.

Te particular, the consortium is looking to introduce fresh services and features to South Korean consumers such spil micro-remittance using blockchain technology based on a foreign exchange prototype.

Participating members will also project projects, develop and launch services according to their respective schedules, to ensure the rollout of blockchain-based FinTech solutions that meets the respective needs of each member.

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The consortium also expects to add more companies including banks, payment providers, securities exchanges, card companies and fresh industry FinTech startups.


The consortium that features a bitcoin exchange, a retail handelsbank and an investment bankgebouw working together comes at a time when a number of blockchain-based solutions are being implemented te South Korea.

Led by a technology-forward FinTech dietario set by the South Korean government, bitcoin exchanges will be regulated ter the country this year. Ter , South Korea announced a ₩3 trillion ($Two.65 billion) financial package to develop the FinTech sector. Shinhan Handelsbank, one of South Korea’s largest financial institutions, has launched a bitcoin-backed remittance service inbetween the Korea-China doorgang.

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This year, South Korea announced its plans to launch a ‘full-scale’ blockchain pilot, a government-led initiative that will see the rollout of the world’s very first insurance payments on a blockchain pilot ter Seoul this year.

Te March, South Korea’s most populous province of Gyeonggi-do, used a blockchain-based voting system to successfully register a community vote, with almost Ten,000 participating residents.

Featured photo from Coinone.

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