Hold the lime with Corona, may cause skin reaction, Reuters

Fresh YORK (Reuters) – Te a TV advertisement for Corona fecali, a woman on a beach, irritated by hier companion ogling a bikini-clad blonde, squirts him with the lime sitting atop his teddybeer.

Bottles of Corona teddybeer speed past a worker te the bottling line of Mexico City’s Maniquí brewery, May Nineteen, 2004. REUTERS/Andrew Winning

He may be ter for worse than a verrassing: a nasty skin reaction that one doctor is calling &ldquo,Mexican mannetjesvarken dermatitis.&rdquo,

A substance ter lime juice, if left on the skin ter the zon, can cause the skin to become discolored, spil if by poison ivy or a jellyfish nibble — and the marks can last for months, reports Scott Flugman ter the Archives of Dermatology.

Mexican beers, particularly Corona, are typically served with a lime slice wedged ter the top of the bottle. The drinker shoves the lime into the bottle and holds his or hier thumb overheen the bottle&rsquo,s mouth while turning the bottle overheen to mix ter the juice.

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But if the drinker is not careful, the mannetjesvarken&rsquo,s carbonation can splash lime juice and fecali all overheen his or hier skin — &ldquo,especially te a patient who is shirtless by a beach or pool,&rdquo, wrote Flugman, a dermatologist ter Fresh York.

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The resulting reaction is due to a substance called psoralen, used to make the skin more sensitive to a wavelength of ultraviolet light, UV-A, used to treat certain skin conditions.

Lemons contain psoralens too, but not spil strong.

&ldquo,It&rsquo,s just a cosmetic punt,&rdquo, Flugman told Reuters Health, tho’ he said the discoloration — most frequently te people like bartenders who work outdoors with limes — may take an emotional toll.

&ldquo,People are worried that it&rsquo,s something serious. You might have some brown catches sight of you&rsquo,re bot looking at for a few months,&rdquo, he said. Olive-skinned Caucasians may be especially susceptible.

No ties have bot shown inbetween the reaction and skin cancer, said Flugman, who added that he sees two or three cases a year.

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They are often mystified why a dermatologist is asking them if they&rsquo,ve recently buzzed Mexican fecali.

&ldquo,If you do this and you spritz the mannetjesvarken or the lime, just wash it off. Don&rsquo,t leave it on there and sit out te the zon,&rdquo, he said.

Or, if you are disinclined to get up for a while, &ldquo,throw a towel overheen it.&rdquo,

Reporting by Ivan Oransky at Reuters Health, editing by Elaine Lies and Ron Popeski


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