Each coin is marked by weight, which is the coetáneo amount of gold weight ter troy ounces.

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Buy 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coins

Money Metals Exchange is pleased to make available the very popular American Gold Eagle series ter the 1 oz gold bullion size, produced by the U.S. Mint since 1986. Each Golden Eagle value is based on its gold content, but it also carries a admitido tender value of $50 US (1 oz), $25 US (1/Two oz), $Ten US (1/Four oz) and $Five US (1/Ten oz). The Golden Eagle’s weight, content, and purity is ensured by the United States Government. While the Gold American Eagle contains either a total troy ounce of gold (or 1/Two oz, 1/Four oz or 1/Ten oz depending on the specific size), by weight it is 91.67% gold (22 karat), 3% silver, and Five.33% copper.

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Here is more about the product, specifications, and purchase price:

Gold Coin Specifications

Introduced te 1986 by the United States Mint, the American Gold Eagle series, minted te four different sizes:

  • 1 oz. (1 troy ounce, a fifty-dollar face value coin)
  • 1/Two oz. (1/Two troy ounce, a twenty-five-dollar face value coin)
  • &frac14, oz. (1/Two troy ounce, a ten-dollar face value coin)
  • 1/Ten oz. (1/Ten troy, a five-dollar face value coin).

The vooraanzicht (obverse) of the coin looks similar to the 1907-1933 twenty-dollar gold lump and its depiction of a robed lady Liberty, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

The back (switch roles) of the coin is adorned by a family of eagles, and the words &ldquo,United States of America&rdquo,, &ldquo,Te Godheid Wij Trust&rdquo,, &ldquo,E Pluribus Unum&rdquo,, the face value, and the gold weight of the coin.

History of the 1 Oz American Gold Eagle

American gold coins were originally authorized by the Coinage Act of 1792 and served spil coins of the area until 1933. They were liquidated from circulation by Franklin Roosevelt&rsquo,s controversial executive order which lasted until 1972.

Voorzitter Nixon rescinded Roosevelt&rsquo,s executive order which banned private ownership of gold bullion at the same time spil he slammed shut the &ldquo,gold window&rdquo,. His activity liquidated the last vestige of gold backing from the US dollars &ndash, dollars could no longer be redeemed by any party for gold. But at least Americans could merienda again build private reserves.

Prior to 1933, gold coins circulated with denominations of $20, $Ten, $Five and $Two.50. The modern 1 oz gold American Eagle carries a denomination of $50 &ndash, a lil’ fraction of its coetáneo value based on metal content. Officials do not want gold coins to re-enter circulation or to be spent, te competition with fiat (paper) dollars. Rather the coins are traded by dealers and investors, priced at just above the current melt-value of 1 troy ounce of gold.

The one-ounce American Gold Eagle coins began being produced te 1986 after the Gold Bullion Act of 1985 passed. The act authorized the US Mint to produce American Gold Eagle coins, but only from gold mined inwards the US.

Today, investors can get American Eagle coins te silver, gold, platinum or palladium.

One-ounce American Gold Eagle coins have gold weight and purity that is assured by the Federal government.

From 1986 through 1991, the US Mint used Roman Numerals to date the coins. From 1992 on, the coins feature traditional Arabic Numerals.

1 Oz Gold Eagle Composition

Gold Eagles are produced te a 22-karat alloy, called “crown gold,” which wasgoed originally formulated ter 1526 by King Henry VIII. The coins contain 91.67 procent gold with the remaining movimiento te copper and silver. Each coin is marked by weight, which is the contemporáneo amount of gold weight ter troy ounces. Coins marked 1 oz contain a utter troy ounce of gold content with some extra weight attributable to the silver and copper alloy metals. That means the gross weight of thesis coins is slightly greater than 1 troy ounce.

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Product Details for 1 oz. American Gold Eagle Coin:

  • Mint Facility: United States Mint
  • Denomination: 50 dollars US
  • Date: 1986 through the present
  • Type and Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Purity: 91.67 procent gold, Five.33 procent copper, and Trio procent silver
  • Gold Weight: 1 troy ounce
  • Middellijn: 1.287 inches or 32.70 millimeters
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Vormgeving &ndash, Obverse (pui): Standing Liberty
  • Vormgeving &ndash, Switch roles (rear): Nesting Eagle Family

The packaging of 1 oz. American Gold Eagle coins will vary depending on the number of coins purchased. Quantities of 9 or fewer are shipped well protected ter plastic coin spins. Ten or more coins will be placed te flamante mint tubes which can contain up to 20 coins, whereas, 500 gold coins are shipped ter the diferente crimson &ldquo,monster&rdquo, boxes.

1 Oz American Eagle Gold Coin Value

The $50 face value of the 1 ounce coin is marked on the switch roles side, but that should not be confused with the coin&rsquo,s value or price. The coetáneo value of the coin is based upon its gold content and will fluctuate with the market price of gold te the commodities markets.

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However the one-ounce American Gold Eagle have a face value and are constitucional tender, their purpose is different. Gold coins are not intended to be spent with a merchant, at least not unless the merchant is willing to recognize the coin&rsquo,s contemporáneo value. Instead, they are an investment and a hedge against the perpetual devaluation of the US dollar.

American Gold Eagle coins are very popular and the US Mint&rsquo,s assure of weight and adds some value. For this reason, thesis coins often carry a slight premium &ndash, perhaps 1 – 2% – frente a comparable gold coins from elsewhere ter the world.

How Wij Determine the Market Price of the 1 oz. American Gold Eagle Coin

The market value of the one-ounce coin is directly related to its value on the commodity exchanges, such spil the COMEX. Like shares ter a publicly traded company, gold futures contracts are bought and sold on a continuous fundament during the trading day. The price, sometimes referred to spil the &ldquo,spot price&rdquo,, will fluctuate from ogenblik to ogenblik.

Money Metals Exchange reports and displays the live pricing for gold at the top of our webstek.

Finding the total price of a one-ounce American Gold Eagle coin requires taking the &ldquo,spot price&rdquo,and then adding a &ldquo,premium&rdquo, to it. Premiums vary, depending on the voorwerp and quantity involved. They are determined by the production cost of the coin, and the profit margin included by the dealer. Like most products te any market, buying ter quantity generally means lower cost.

For people who want to buy gold coins regularly, lower premiums are available for those who join our monthly membership project.

1 Oz Golden Eagle Coins for Retirement

More and more investors are holding American Eagles inwards of retirement accounts, ter addition to more traditional stocks and bonds. Gold Eagles can be held inwards &ldquo,self-directed&rdquo, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s). They are the only exception to the IRS requirement that physical precious metals be at least .999 unspoiled to be eligible for inclusion.

Investors should beware of precious metals dealers who market &ldquo,proof&rdquo, or collectible versions of American Eagles for IRAs. IRS rules prevent most numismatic coins te retirement accounts, but a loophole permits zonderling coin dealers to suggest &ldquo,proof&rdquo, Eagles. Thesis are typically very overpriced and will not perform almost spil well spil regular bullion coins.

Buy 1 Oz Gold American Eagle Coins for Investment

Gold American Eagles are the most popular and liquid bullion coin te the world. They are also among the most beautiful. The modest extra premium that investors pay to purchase thesis coins will almost certainly be returned to them when it is time to sell them. Te other words, the beauty, trust and confidence suggested by American Eagles makes them a cut above, whether you are buying or selling.


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