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Golden Eagle Coins specializes ter a broad multiplicity of Silver Bullion Products. It’s effortless to buy silver coins, silver caf and more. Our large inventory caters to both the Silver Bullion Investor spil well spil the collector. Wij suggest every date minted of the American Silver Eagles spil well spil the Gold American Eagle and carry a large quantity of Silver Coins, Silver Maple Leafs & Chinese Pandas. Prices displayed are current with market conditions and are shown at specie discounted rates. Investors looking to buy silver bullion can simply lock ter the silver prices 24 hours a day by placing an order online.

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Silver kroegen are the most popular and economical way to invest te silver. The rule of thumb is, the larger the drankbuffet, the closer to the spot price vanaf ounce you will pay. Silver kroegen come ter a multiplicity of sizes from the popular 1 ounce caf all the way up to 1000 ounces. The most popular sizes are spil goes after: 1 oz, Five oz, Ten oz and 100 oz. Wij also stock some odd size kroegen spil well spil fractional (less than an ounce) silver kroegen.

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Silver coins are our most popular and best-selling voorwerp collectively. Almost every country has produced some type of silver coin te it’s history. Previously used spil common currency, today’s silver coins are produced for investment purposes. Typically they are one troy ounce. Some of our most popular bullion silver coins are: American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Chinese Silver Pandas & Austrian Philharmonic. Wij also are very competitive te the trading of US 90% Silver Coins or junk silver coins spil it is commonly called.

Silver rounds are privately minted (not issued by countries) and are similar te price to their silver caf counterparts. Generally speaking, rounds are usually 1 ounce size and can have almost any type of pic on them. There are silver rounds to feast holidays, depict religious symbols, patriotic themes and even celebrities. Wij offerande brand fresh spil well spil some older, more collectible silver rounds.

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Frequently wij carry other silver products like silver bullets, silver nuggets and other unique chunks. If there is a unique silver collectible you are looking for give us a call 1-800-735-1311


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