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Vir: Banka Slovenije

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Brižinski spomeniki so prvi latinični zapis kakega slovanskega jezika nasploh. Gre za tri besedila v najstarejši slovenščini, ki so uvezana v latinskem kodeksu (rokopisni knjigi) iz Freisinga na Bavarskem. Ohranjeni so štirje pergamentni listi ter četrt strani. Jezikovne, stilne ter vsebinske analize razodevajo, da gre za premišljeno sestavljena ter literarno oblikovana cerkvena besedila.

  • zlatnik z nominalno vrednostjo Five.000 tolarjev, s težo 7 gramov te premerom 24 milimetrov, čistine 900/1000, v količini do največ Four.000 kovancev.

1000 years anniversary of the death of Bishop Abraham, connected with the Freising manuscripts (1994)

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The Freising Manuscripts are the very first Roman-script record of any Slavonic language. They consist of three texts ter the oldest Slovene, strapped into a Latin Codex (manuscript book) from Freising ter Bavaria. Four parchment leafs and a quarter of a pagina have bot preserved. Linguistic, stylistic and contextual analyses expose that thesis are church texts of careful composition and literary form.

Bishop Abraham wasgoed active (from 957) te Freising during the time of the writing of the two manuscripts (sermons on sin and repentance, a confessional form), and also acquired a large estate of land te the Creina province around Skofja Loka. For this reason some linguists (e.g. Jernej Kopitar and Rajko Nahtigal) linked him closely to the origin of the Freising Manuscripts and, without any stiff evidence, attributed him spil being the author of one of the texts and suspected that he wasgoed of Slovene origin.

  • a gold coin with a nominativo value of Five.000 tolars, a weight of 7 grams, a middellijn of 24 mm and a purity of 900/1000, the total quantity struck not to be exceed Four.000 lumps.

Authors of the rough-cast vormgeving: Gorazd and Matjaz Ucakar

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Ease vormgeving: Vincenc Vipotnik

Minting of gold coins: International Company Zlatarna Celje, Celje / Slovenia


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