The remittance rock-hard will use xCurrent, an enterprise blockchain software from the San Francisco-based Ripple, a press release confirmed.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Coinone is turning to Ripple for international remittances.

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Coinone Transfer, the retail remittance subsidiary of the namesake crypto exchange, will start using Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network to power its soon-to-launch international remittance service for retail customers te the country.

The remittance rock-hard will use xCurrent, an enterprise blockchain software from the San Francisco-based Ripple, a press release confirmed. The solution powers end-to-end tracking of instant payments and settlements overheen Ripplenet, the company’s enterprise blockchain network. Notably, the blockchain solution does not use Ripple’s token cryptocurrency XRP, unlike a separate product xRapid.

Coinone, which treated almost $50 million ter cryptocurrency transactions te a 24-hour period, said its foray into the remittance space goes after the ‘country’s growing request for swifter and cheaper payments across the regions’ with a particular mention toward outbound remittance from South Korea from migrant professionals and workers, citing World Handelsbank gegevens.

Spil a result, Coinone is set to launch ‘Cross’, its retail remittance service wherein retail users will be able to send remittances to countries across Southeast Asia.

Coinone Transfer CEO Wonhee Shin added:

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Ripple’s xCurrent solution will revolutionize the lives of our customers by providing them with a real-time, low-cost general remittance service.

Coinone is now among overheen 100 financial institutions that include banks, payment providers, remittance forms and more on Ripple’s enterprise blockchain network, RippleNet. Earlier te February, a number of regional banks ter the Middle East led by the central bankgebouw of Saudi Arabia, announced a remittance pilot powered by xCurrent overheen RippleNet to enable instant international payments inbetween members of the network.

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