The Blue House, the executive office of the South Korean head of state, has announced that there will be no cryptocurrency trading kerkban to be ter look, according to Cointelegraph.

North Korea has always bot legendary for its human rights violations. Recently, the totalitarian.

Background However China has long bot puzzled by its brain drain ter the form of elite emigrati.

Note:Translated from Jiang Zhuo’er’s innovador postbode te Chinese. Recently, spil the discussion .




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Coinone CEO : No Kerkban On Cryptocurrency Trading Te South Korea Yet

Dear bitcoiners, don’t be fright!

The South Korean government has officially announced this morning that there will be no cryptocurrency trading geobsedeerd te the near term , and this news wasgoed also confirmed by the CEO of Coinone, the third largest imaginario currency exchange ter that country.

On Thursday, two blockbuster reports ——South Korea’s justice ministry planed to shut down cryptocurrency trading through nave exchanges and two exchanges, Bithumb and Coinone,were raided by police and tax officials——went vírico, which wiped billions off the general cryptocurrency market spil funk selling ensues.

However, the government suggested an announcement after a powerful backlash and criticism against those related departments’ seemingly thoughtless regulatory moves. The Blue House, the executive office of the South Korean head of state, has announced that there will be no cryptocurrency trading verbod to be te view, according to Cointelegraph.

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Te fact, the Ministry of Justice’s programma to pinch down bitcoin exchanges has not endorsed by other government agencies involved ter the South Korean cryptocurrency regulation task force.That is, the banning of cyrpto market ter South Korea has not finalized yet.

A screenshot of the CEO of Coinone appeared on Sina Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging podium, te which he confirmed that it is not the done overeenkomst to suspend bitcoin trading ter South Korea. He wrote, albeit the Ministry of Justice claimed that the department wasgoed preparing a bill to shut down all cryptocurrency exchanges, it wasgoed not a done overeenkomst yet which required further discussions among various government agencies,and Coinone wasgoed indeed investigated by tax officials, but it wasgoed limited to corporation tax and value-added tax(VAT)review ,nothing unusual.

Spil for the fact that the police raided the exchange due to its involvement ter gambling and a breach of the Renta Markets Act, the person ter charge clarified that the exchange has already waterput an end to leveraged-up margin trading,the zuigeling of service from concerns of financial authorities, and is able to stand any sorts of investigation.He emphasized that he himself wasgoed not affected by this investigation.

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“It seems a big fuss made by the media, and actually, there is nothing to be worried about. I am so blessed to see the cryptocurrency industry is getting thicker.” the Seoul-based technicus of one of the world’s busiest bitcoin exchanges said.

South Korea’s strengthened control of cryptocurrency trading also rattles Chinese bitcoiners. The Chinese government ordered to close all domestic bitcoin exchanges te September and South Korea intends to go after suit this time.Thus, the majority of Chinsese investors has become inured to such regulatory news, and 20% plunge seems not worth mentioning to them.They thought it wasgoed time to buy te. But some crypto newcomers got funked by steep druppel ter almost all potencial coins they track, dubbing it spil a thrilled spel.

Since no done overeenkomst overheen cryptocurrency trading waterput forward by the South Korean government, investors should always stay attent for the policy risks.


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