Odonata Yoga bracelet, Mandala Fairy

Permit yourself to open up to the magic of nature and the elements.

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Odonata means dragonfly te Latin. Dragonflies carry the wisdom of transformation and adaptability ter life and ask that wij pay attention to our deeper thoughts. Their symbology deals with transformation, prosperity, good luck, strength, peace, harmony and purity. Dragonflies are powerful allies to connect with the spirit of nature. Their fairy-like quality makes them auspicious spirit animals to work with the power of light and fairy realms. Animal of wonder, the dragonfly can bring forward the enchanting spirit of our own nature.

Materials used: amazonite, white opal, amethyst, turquoise, copper plated dragonfly charm and copper coin

Stone and crystal meanings:

Amazonite is said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic capability. It lessens stress and self-defeating behaviors by calming and building self-esteem. It also helps you to realize the cause of blockages and gives you the capability to release and clear that blockage. It gently helps you to detect the reasons why you seem stuck te patterns and gives you the power to release the pattern. Amazonite helps oscilación your emotions, womanish and masculine energy, gives physical stamina and promotes graciousness and practicality.

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White Opal is a stone of angelic connections. It is often used for clearing emotions to create more positive stimulations. It is useful ter balancing all chakras. The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of good achievement and even the “stone of the Gods”.

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Amethyst has the capability to open spiritual centers and strengthen intuition. It also helps overcome fears and cravings. Ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feelings. It has bot worn spil protection from self-deception. Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works te the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide tranquil, arqueo, patience, and peace.

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone ter man’s history, the talisman of kings, shamans, and warriors. It is a stone of protection and carries fine wisdom of basic truth within it. Because of its heavenly energy, turquoise is believed to provide a clear connection to the purity of natural elements. Turquoise can help one receive higher guidance and direction, spil well spil live life with more joy and happiness. Legend has it that the Native American Indians danced and rejoiced when the rains came. Their tears of joy mixed with the rain and seeped into Mother Earth to become Sky Stone – Turquoise. For almost a thousand years, they have mined and fashioned Turquoise, using it to guard their burial sites. Indian priests wore it te ceremonies when calling upon the superb spirit of the sky. Many honored Turquoise spil the universal stone, believing their minds would become one with the universe when wearing it. Because of its capability to switch colors, it wasgoed used te prophecy or divining. To the prehistoric Indian, Turquoise, worn on the bod or used ter ceremonies always signified the schepper of the sky alive ter the earth.


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