Largest Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple exchange sites

Poloniex, Bitfinex, and Bithumb are the largest cryptocurrency exchange sites that transact the top three cryptocurrencies by market capitalization

Bitcoin guidelines 45 procent of the cryptocurrency market capitalization, Ethereum instructions Nineteen procent while Ripple directions only 7 procent. Other cryptocurrencies control less than Two procent. Identifying and analyzing the top exchange webpagina that treats the transactions of top currencies is significant for fresh and current cryptocurrency users.

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Largest Bitcoin exchange sites

The largest Bitcoin exchange sites are which transacts 8 procent of Bitcoin transactions, transacts 6 procent while transacts Four procent of Bitcoin transactions te this market. An media of $Two.Trio billion bitcoins are transacted by exchange sites ter the cryptocurrency market.

Largest Ethereum exchange sites

The fattest Ethereum exchange sites are, Bithumb which transacts 13 procent of Ethereum transactions te this market, transacts 8 procent while Coinone treats 6 procent of transactions te this market. An promedio of $875 million Ethereums are transacted by exchange sites te the cryptocurrency market.

Largest Ripple exchange sites

The largest Ripple exchange sites are Bithumb which transacts 46 procent of Ripple coins, Coinone transacts 17 procent while Korbit transacts 11 procent of Ripple coins. An promedio of $Two.Two billion Ripple coins are transacted by exchange sites ter the cryptocurrency market.

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Past hurdles experienced by users of thesis exchange sites

According to Bloomberg, Poloniex, LLC wasgoed founded te 2014 and is based ter Wilmington, Delaware.

The company seems to be having poor customers support. On July 31 this year, wrote an article on how users of this exchange webpagina are frustrated due to the webpagina’s lack of timely customer support. According to the article, an account of one user which contained $70,000 wasgoed hacked.

The user by the name ‘Alexander Levin’ never got a response from the webpagina for a month which made him express his dissatisfaction of Reddit. The user straks responded to his Reddit postbode stating that his account has bot restored and wasgoed able to withdraw his funds. Another Reddit user named ‘starsoccer9’ posted on Reddit telling that he has bot waiting for a toegangsbewijs response from Poloniex for more than three months while Reddit user ‘iupqmv’ waited for four months.

Bitfinex is a Hongkong based exchange webpagina. On August Two, , Bitfinex announced that hackers had stolen 120,000 Bitcoins worth $72 million at that time. According to the Fresh York times, Bitcoin lost 20 procent of its value on the day the announcement wasgoed made.

The exchange webpagina finished the reimbursement of the lost funds to its customers early this year according to The webpagina stopped providing its services to U.S customers citing a high number of requests and problems while suggesting USD deposits and withdrawals.

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Bithumb is a South Korean exchange webpagina. Hackers stole $870,000 worth of crypto currencies te July last months. User gegevens wasgoed also stolen. Bithumb is gaining credibility after it opened a customer service center ter Seoul last week to enable a one-on-one interaction inbetween its customer care professionals and its clients.


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