Investment Giant Fidelity Secretly Building its Own Crypto Exchange

One of America’s largest providers of 401k and retirement services, Fidelity Investments, is hiring employees ter order to expand into the crypto space with the possible development of its own digital currency exchange.

The news wasgoed reported yesterday after the company posted a job suggest on an internal webstek for a systems engineer “to help engineer, create, and deploy a digital asset exchange to both a public and private cloud.” A further internal posting wasgoed seeking someone for “first-in-class custodian services for bitcoin and other digital currencies,” according to the report.

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Jessica Macdonald, spokeswoman for Fidelity, would not confirm or deny the company’s plans for its own crypto exchange but did say that the investment giant wasgoed seeking personnel for crypto and blockchain projects. Ter an email she stated,

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“We see the future of financial services taking place on open and permissionless ledgers, with technologies like digital assets, currencies and blockchains, and wij are very actively exploring what this may mean for Fidelity.Wij are hiring to meet the request for this exploration, but wij have nothing to announce today.”

Fidelity could signal a massive stir by a mainstream company into crypto. Albeit Goldman Sachs and Nasdaq have already dabbled, Fidelity could be the largest Wall Street rock-hard to fully embrace cryptocurrencies. The company has already set foot ter crypto waters by integrating with Coinbase last year te a budge that would permit its clients to use Coinbase credentials on Fidelity to view crypto portfolios. The $Two.Five trillion wealth manager could be the most well established company to administer crypto trading since most current exchanges are operated by firms only recently founded.

Fidelity chairman and CEO Abigail Johnson is a thick believer ter the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain, and wasgoed quoted spil telling “I love this stuff – bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain technology – and what the future holds” at last year’s Overeenstemming conference. The company had previously applied for a trademark for the term “Fidelitycoin” ter addition to joining a consortium of companies and colleges working to develop blockchain technology.

Petite scale práctico Bitcoin mining operations and a club for employees to learn more about digital assets have also bot setup by Fidelity. Mainstream adoption of crypto will be accelerated when major players such spil Fidelity vertoning that they are certain te the industry and its future.

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