Introducing 42 Coin The Highest Valued Crypto Currency Worth 100X More Than Bitcoin

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Crypto Market Research has discovered a fresh Alternative to Bitcoin, known spil 42 Coin. 42 Coin is presently worth overheen 100x more than Bitcoin, and it is the highest valued Crypto Currency today.

12X Quicker Than Bitcoin, Worth 100X More Than Bitcoin, The Very first Million Dollar Crypto Currency ter the industry.

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Past News Releases

(PRWEB) March 06, 2014

The premise behind 42 Coin is its rarity with only 42 coins to everzwijn be created, anyone with a pc can lightly join the network to commence mining, accepting and sending 42 coin payments for individual or business reasons.

42 Coin is similar to Bitcoin with its financial system and user friendly features that permits users to send and receive coins with anyone te the world using digital addresses created by the Network. Te fact, anyone with a laptop can start sending and receiving coins without using a financial institution, and without paying for transaction fees. Ter addition, this crypto currency is 12x quicker than Bitcoin and other Alternative Currencies because it only takes 42 seconds to confirm any payments, this brings ease to both senders and receivers providing reassurance that transactions have bot successful. Transaction time has bot a known kwestie with Bitcoin, which could take 15 minutes or even hours before a transaction is accomplish, however, 42 coin has solved that precies problem by keeping a 42 2nd confirmation time.

42 Coin wasgoed created only two brief months ago, it wasgoed launched ter early January of 2014 via and has already delivered high request for its valuation. Today, a single 42 coin is worth about $80,000 USD. At the time of writing this article only 1.7 coins exist today, this makes 42 Coin very uncommon, and makes this digital coin 100x more valuable than Bitcoin. The crypto currency Bitcoin is worth $700 USD, Litecoin $17 USD, and DogeCoin that has most recently appeared all overheen the internet and media networks, is presently worth $0.0010 USD, reporting statistics via

At its peak value, 42 wasgoed traded at the highest rate at 1900.00 BTC vanaf 42 coin. At that time only 0.8 coins were ter circulation, meaning this wasgoed the very first crypto coin to exceed one million US dollars for less than 1 entire coin te circulation. This is different than any other crypto currency which has access to hundreds and thousands of (entire) coins te circulation, this is another reason why 42 coin is unique with only 42 (entire) coins everzwijn to be created.

Business Insider released its news announcement on Jan. 14, 2014 introducing 42 to the financial and business community stating, “It’s called 42Coin, and one of them is already worth 1,000 Bitcoin, according to Cryptsy, which added the digital currency to its houtvezelplaat yesterday. Spil of this afternoon, one Bitcoin wasgoed trading around $900, meaning one 42Coin is worth about $900,000. A utter 42Coin has yet to be mined, and the prices are scaled up from the fractions of 42Coin that have bot transacted (so don’t worry, no one has actually yet spent $900,000 on one of thesis babies).” Reported by Business Insider

Te an vraaggesprek with the development team of 42 coin, “The team is consistently working on spreading the adoption of 42 coin to be traded outside of the crypto coins markets, soon 42 Coin will be a payment method for high priced assets like vehicles, houses and properties, gold and silver (very soon), and collector’s memorabilia. Online retailers have already drawn some rente due to its high priced evaluation, and more investors are lightly getting commenced by mining 42 Coin and trading coins so they can spend it on high priced items they want or need.”

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Ter an vraaggesprek with IBTimes UK, Published on February Four, 2014, the 42 Coin Team claims it will be “exchanged for valuable goods and services…[it] could be used towards gold or silver – this is actually te the works spil wij speak.”

42, the number has a long history of being known to carry out 1000x the value (For Example) Jackie Robinsons collectables such spil the Glove Mr. Robinson merienda wore that sold for $700,000 USD. 42 Coin gives early investors a fat advantage since 42 Coin will be a collector’s voorwerp ter the near-future. It certainly can be traded for higher than usual value due to its limited supply spil searched on:

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The future behind 42 is that ter a year all 42 coins will be generated by the miners who use their computers, Linux servers, and accessible hardware to get rewarded for coins. Merienda all coins have bot generated the miners will only be rewarded with the transaction fees. Similar to Bitcoin, anyone can download the software from to get began ter mining on the network.

The estimated time that all coins will be generated is about Ten.Five months from today, so time is on the essence for 42 since Bitcoin will last another 40+ years before all 21 Million coins are mined.

42 Coin’s crypto-currency launch commenced off spil a ordinary proefneming, and the objective is to give early adopters the capability to mine spil much spil possible before all 42 coins have generated. At the uur of writing this press release, 42 Coin is still known spil being very uncommon, validating Bitcoin’s financial systems, and highest valued crypto currency.


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