HOQU ICO: Investment Rating Positive, review by ICORating


Expire date: 08.04.

Wij assign the HOQU project a “Positive” rating. Wij recommend HQX tokens for purchase. HQX tokens will be of rente primarily to future toneelpodium users, spil well spil to investors willing to buy them for medium and long term portfolios.

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The HOQU team has bot ter the internet advertising market for several years now, it has already successfully launched several projects and is now reaching a fresh level, setting ambitious goals. The client colchoneta for the already functioning Marketcall project will be transferred to the HOQU toneel, which is a big plus, and would create the initial fundamental request from users for HQX tokens ter the future, which also increases the likelihood of project success spil a entire. For those users who for various reasons do not want to use HQX tokens for payments, a web application with a elementary and clear interface will be created, and the chance to work with a convenient client currency on the toneel.

It is worth noting the availability of a financial prototype that reflects market realities. Also, being professionals ter the field of internet advertising, the founders have taken care of marketing HOQU, making this one of the strengths of the project.

Separately wij would like to note that the project team have made the difficult decision to switch key parameters of the ICO:

“Against the backdrop of the acute growth of the ETH rate, the HOQU team made the following decisions:

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Fix the amount of hardcap te USD at the rate of ETH/USD on the begin day of the HOQU Token Sale (27.11.),

Contrapuerta Sale Round Two, scheduled for Q2-Q3 and, consequently reduce the kwestie of tokens from 888,888,000 to 300,854,400 HQX. The remaining 588,033,600 tokens were burnt on December Nineteen, “.

Thesis innovations have significantly switched the size of the project’s hardcap and the ICO project, demonstrating the team’s determination and their desire to launch the product, and have liquidated some of the risks that could negatively affect the future token price. Wij positively assess the measures taken by HOQU.

For investors working on brief time intervals, wij advise more caution when buying tokens due to the fact that the total launch of the podium is expected near the end of , and accordingly the fundamental request for tokens will not show up before this event.

Based on what wij have learned about the project and the past practice of the developers, wij can draw a conclusion about its potential success. Obviously, this company is well oriented te all the nuances and specifics of the market for CPA networks. Thanks to this, it can produce a indeed interesting and successful product, and modern advertisers would want to use it.

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