Coinone’s ultimate aim is to build a thick financial verhoging.

Coinone, the nation’s third largest posible currency exchange, will receive 30 billion won (US$27 million) investment from outside for the time ter the aparente currency industry. Te particular, more than the half of the investors are foreign investors.

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According to the investment banking (IB) industry on July Nineteen, fintech start-up Coinone will attract “Series A,” the very first step of venture start-up investment from domestic and foreign investors. Domestic and foreign investors are expected to invest about 25 billion won (US$22.Five million) ter total — 15 billion won (US$13.Five million) from Korean investors and Ten billion won (US$9 million) from foreign investors, respectively.

Four Korean investors are presently undergoing investment deliberation procedures. It is expected that their investment will be eventually made by the end of this month. Overseas, venture investors, mainly those interested te the block chain technology are te the process of making proposals and thesis companies’ investment will be likely made.

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Coinone’s attraction of this investment is meaningful ter that the investment is the very first investment case ter the field of imaginario currency that attracts a lotsbestemming of attention thesis days.However, the investment is planned to be made within the range of manageable risk spil it is not yet clear and validated ter its initial stage.

Korea has three imaginario currency exchanges — Coinone, Bitsum, and Korbit. Albeit Bithum is displaying a slight lead te latest trading volume, the investment can be interpreted spil providing more points to Coinone that is pursuing sound posible currency trading. Actually, Coinone cautiously examines the listing of posible currencies to protect investors, and is concentrating on providing transaction information. Especially, it is said that Coinone is leading market trends by very first listing posible currencies such spil Ethereum and Ripple after Bit Coin.

Coinone’s ultimate aim is to build a fat financial podium. The company has an ambitious project to evolve into a kleuter of financial company based on block chain technology rather than remaining a plain potencial currency exchange.

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