Caf and Silver Rounds 1 oz

99.9% unspoiled solid silver

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American Silver Eagles

Canadian silver Maple Leafs

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All of the silver on this webstek are weighed te &quot, troy ounces &quot,,

which is the standard method for weighing precious metal silver caf, rounds, and coins.



Size is approximately 28mm x 50mm (1 1/8inches x Two inches)

Made of 99.9% solid silver (purity mark of &quot,Fine Silver .999) is stamped on each drankbuffet, along with it’s own unique serial number stamp.

(This prices is for a lotsbestemming of TEN silver caf.)

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(Style of Engelhard caf may switch spil our inventory switches. See two of the styles ter the picture. Englehard no longer makes this size drankbuffet, so some caf may exhibit toning or tarnish, which does not take away from the silver value.)

Loterijlot OF Ten ounces

Quantity of Ten drankbuffet lots Te Stock :

1 ounce Prospectors



Special! Silver Rounds Special!

Each coin like round buffet is made 1 oz. of 99.9+% zuivere solid silver. Features the EAGLE vormgeving on one side and the silver PROSPECTOR on the other. (Some older dates will feature a large &quot,E&quot, for Engelhard on the back.)

(This prices is for a lotsbestemming of TEN silver rounds.)

Slightly larger than the old US silver dollars – dates will vary. Each one contains one total troy ounce of silver! No longer being minted by Engelhard, so some may exhibit a little tarnish.

Lotsbestemming OF Ten ounces.

Quantity of ten coin lots Ter Stock :


1 ounce SILVER rounds

(This prices is for a loterijlot of TEN silver rounds.)

Thesis 1 ounce Uncirculated silver round like-coins were made of 99.9% unspoiled silver by US silver refineries. They depict the American Buffalo (Bison) on one side and an Indian Head vormgeving on the other.

Some may have a puny date showcasing the year of mintage on vuurlijn (Example:2000, 2001, 2008). Others may have no date.

Each is made of 1 troy ounce of solid silver!

Each Lotsbestemming contains TEN ounces.

Quantity of ten coin lots Te Stock :

1 ounce solid silver

Best overeenkomst ! 100 coin Lotsbestemming Best overeenkomst !


Mixed style

coin-like silver rounds

Nice combination of styles

All of thesis 1 troy oz rounds are made of unspoiled 99.9% silver. Some of thesis coin like rounds will be brand fresh, some will be older styles that are no longer produced, and a few may have a little tarnish due to their age.

Every one hundred coin lotsbestemming contains at least Five (and up to 20) different styles. Wij ship them out spil they come te, so each lotsbestemming is different. Lots may (or may not) include any of the styles pictured. )

One Hundred silver 1 ounce rounds -mixed styles

Or, purchase a Loterijlot of

100 Mixed 1 ounce Silver &quot,Kroegen&quot, and &quot,ROUNDS&quot,

This lotsbestemming contains an assortment of one hundred ounces, with some spil tapkast shaped silver ingots, and others spil coin-like silver rounds. All contain 1 troy ounce of silver. Like the above lotsbestemming, except this lotsbestemming may include some tapkast shaped chunks.

styles and shapes

One Hundred silver 1 ounce lumps – assorted styles

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Quantity of 100 ounce lots available :

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Lotsbestemming of TEN

Austria PHILHARMONIC 1 ounce Silver Coins

You get TEN of thesis coins for one price.

Quantity of ten coin lots available:

Price is for a lotsbestemming of ten coins: $

Johnson Matthey

1 ounce SILVER Kroegen

Each of thesis 1 troy ounce silver kroegen wasgoed made by one of the world’s most well known silver refineries – John Matthey Assayers & Refiners. Made of 99.9% solid silver (Purity mark of &quot,Fine Silver .999) is stamped on each buffet. Also, you will find each folder has it’s own unique serial number stamped on the bottom.

(This price is for a loterijlot of TEN silver caf.)

Kroegen were minted te various years. Wij will ship you the nicest looking ones that wij have ter stock. Note that some kroegen may have slight tarnish or will not be sealed te plastic, which does not affect its silver value.

Size is approximately 28mm x 50mm (1 1/8inches x Two inches)

Quantity of Ten Brochure Lots Available:

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Standing Liberty

1 ounce silver rounds

This is a lotsbestemming of Ten – Standing Liberty 1 ounce silver rounds. Each beautiful coin shaped lump of silver displays the Standing Liberty vormgeving is similar to the US quarter minted te the early 1900’s. Each 1 ounce round is made of zuivere 99.9% solid silver and produced by private US refiners/mints. Designs may vary slightly. Some may say &quot,troy ounce&quot, on the back and others may say &quot,ounce&quot,. All brands of silver that wij sell are measured ter troy ounces, whether it says &quot,troy&quot, or not.

Some lumps will vertoning an old date on the vooraanzicht near the bottom.

Ten ounces for one low price.

Quantity of Ten ounce lots Available:

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1 ounce SILVER ONZAs

Thesis Mexican 1 ounce Uncirculated coins

were made of solid 99.9% zuivere silver. Most are dated inbetween 1980-1994. They still exhibit much of their flamante mint luster, albeit some typical bags marks or tarnish may be visible. During some years the Mexican government mint waterput lettering around the edge. Te other years they waterput &quot,reeding&quot,, like our current dimes and quarters have.

Slightly thicker and smaller middellijn than the old US SILVER DOLLARS, but containing more silver!

Each coin contains1 troy ounce of silver!

Price is for a total of Ten coins.

Credit Suisse

1 ounce troy SILVER Kroegen

Each of thesis 1 ounce silver kroegen wasgoed minted by one of the largest gold & silver refineries – Credit Suisse Assayers & Refiners. Made of 99.9% solid silver (Purity mark of &quot,999.0 fineness) is stamped on each brochure. Each caf has it’s own unique serial number stamped on the bottom.

Credit Suisse no long mints thesis 1 ounce silver ingot-bars. Because they are no longer being minted, seldom do wij have Credit Suisse kroegen available. Some caf may vertoning a bit of tarnish, which has no affect on the silver value.

Size is approximately 28mm x 50mm (1 1/8inches x Two inches)


Credit Suisse is also famous for its gold kroegen.


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