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1948 King George VI English Shilling

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This 1948 King George VI English Shilling is made from Cupro-Nickel and wasgoed worth one twentieth of a pound or twelve old pennies. This wasgoed te the days when there were 20 shillings to one pound. The current omschrijving value ter quebrado coinage is five fresh pence.

The shilling wasgoed very first minted te the reign of Henry VII and wasgoed called the testoon. It became the shilling from the old word “scilling” during the sixteenth century. The shilling wasgoed also referred to spil the “bob”, i.e. one bob for a shilling and ten bob for a ten shilling note.

The shilling wasgoed produced ter both an English and a Scottish vormgeving and thesis designs are both available from our shop. The designs of thesis coins switched when issued for Queen Elizabeth II but the separate Scottish and English shillings were still available

Albeit the shilling wasgoed not produced until the sixteenth century, the value of the coin has bot used for accounting purposes since the Anglo Saxon era and understood to be the value of a cow ter Wetenschap or a sheep elsewhere.

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During the nineteenth century the mint wasgoed instructed to coin one troy pound (weighing 5760 grains or 373 g) of standard (0.925 fine) silver into 66 shillings. This set the weight of the shilling, and its subsequent fracción replacement Five fresh pence coin, at Five.6 grams from 1816 until 1990, when a fresh smaller 5p coin wasgoed introduced.

A shilling equates to two Sixpences, four Threepence, twelve Pennies or twenty four Halfpennies.

The shilling measures 23.5mms ter middellijn and weighs ter at Five.65 grams.

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From 1920 to 1946 shillings were produced from 50% silver content and prior to 1920 they were, te fact, produced ter Sterling Silver (92.5%).

Wij have a vast range of shillings available to our customers whether your requirement is for a single coin or for a “bulk” order. For “bulk” orders please voeling us to discuss your requirements and get further information.


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