1, 000 Finds Geo-Achievement set

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This stijlvol Geo-Achievement&reg, coin and speld set is plated ter 24K polished gold. It is volmaakt for awarding to your friends or family for their geocaching achievements. Use the included matching speld to wear at events or while geocaching to display off your cache finds achievement, go ahead, you earned it!

Collect the entire set and have all the icons vertoning ter your Geocaching.com trackables pagina.

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  • One set includes one geocoin and one speld.
  • Coin measures 1.75&quot, ter middellijn.
  • Speld measures 1&quot, ter middellijn.
  • Both are plated ter a 24kt gold finish.
  • Translucent hard enamel colors on the vuurlijn and solid hard enamel colors on the back.
  • Custom-made engraving area on the backside of the coin that fits up to Two lines of text.
  • Trackable on Geocaching.com.
  • An icon specific to this coin will display te your Geocaching.com profile when you loom the tracking number.

Wij can custom-made engrave right on the coin:

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Wij can engrave up to two lines of text on your coin for a puny added cost. Each line holds a maximum of 17 characters including spaces. Our engraving service provides professional results and wij do it te our own shop for a quick turn-around time. Benefits of custom-built engraving are:

  • Have your name, event, cache number, date, or any text waterput on the geocoin.
  • Voortdurend results, will never wear off.
  • You can provide custom-built engraved coins spil a bounty to demonstrate how much thought you waterput ter it.
  • Keep voortdurend record of your achievements right on the coin.
  • Works superb for presenting at events.
  • Much less expensive to have us add the engraving instead of your recinto engraving shop.

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Come in your custom-made engraving text ter the entry boxes towards the top of this pagina.

Note: Wij will center your engraving text automatically. Wij will have to contrapuerta engraving orders that do not have line 1 packed ter.


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